All members of the band are volunteers and play for the love of playing! Interested in adding your name to this page and joining the band? Just contact us via the Join Us page and we'll be sure to get back to you!


Nathan F, Makenzy J, Andrew Pickett, Bex R, Larry W

Bass Clarinet

Emily Snyder


Chad Putt


Evelyn B, Caitlyn C, Caitlin C, Carolyn C, Tom C, Jenna F, Zachary G, Katlyn K, Sarah K, Isabelle M, Elizabeth M, Frank M, Stephanie M, Sarah O, Doug Reynolds, Ashley S, Emily S, Rebecca W


Samantha Cheng, Kristi D, Meredith G, Beth H, Alison J, Kaleigh Killian, Anne Lutz, Vicki M, Briana S, Natalia T

French Horn

Nathan F, David J, Sharon M, Bev R, Bob W


There are no members who currently play this instrument!
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Rebecca C, Kirk H, Caitie L, Chris M, John S, Cory 'Jacob' Stayer, Lauren W


Jackson A, Suzanne B, Nathan F, MIchael K, Linden Mack, Caleb Markle, Kathie S, Rachel W, Emilee W, Joe Z


KelliRae F, Nathan F, Shanise G, Thomas K, Joe M, Elizabeth R, Khoa T


Jordan B, Kent B, Ilia C, Rob Devlin, Nathan F, Jonathan Gillette, Bradley K, Benjamin L, Erik M, Gary P, Kevin R, Linda R, Destiny W


Nathan F, Michael G, Darryl K, Ed Kloske, Cory 'Jacob' Stayer